Joburgenergy Trading Pty Ltd is engaged in the production of energy drink Turkey. We produce energy drinks whose brand name belongs to the partner company Ares food.
Joburgenergy Trading then moved to pulses, beans & lentils, peas & grains, and being the niche provider of Private Label consumer packs of these products. Beans & Lentils are typically imported in bulk, but Ares Food is the only processor who has successfully captured the Value-Added Part of the import of attractive consumer packs instead of bulk.
Our company import pulses to distributor, wholesalers and clients all over the world.
We continues to open new markets, identifying the needs of its buyers, and delivering the best products, on time, and at highly competitive rates.
Our company business planned to ensure competitive price, quality service and trustful relations to our client in global market.
Ares Food focus on Pulses, Beans, Lentils & Peas, has made us the undisputed experts in this narrow segment in South Africa and Turkey.

Edible Yellow Peas; Edible Green Peas; Feed Peas; Desi Chickpeas; Kabuli Chickpeas; Green Lentils; Red Lentils; Beans; Faba Beans; Soybeans; Other Pulses; Other Lentils