PRODUCT NAME: Fire horse pineapple flavored malt drink (330ml and 500 ml)
PRODUCT DESCRİPTION: Carbonated drinks which made of water, malt extract, colorant and sugar by adding.
ALLERGEN: Allergen substance does not contain.
GMO: GMO does not contain.
PESTICIDE: TFC MRLs of pesticides conforms to the Regulation.
INGREDIENT: Water, sugar (glucose / fructose syrup), carbon dioxide,Malt Extract, Hops, Natural Pineapple Flavour , acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), Colour (Caramel:E150), preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate).
ORIGIN: Vegetable Origin
QUALITY DOCUMENTS: ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 22000:2005 – Halal-GMP

Shelf Life: 2 years for Aluminium can packaged products.
Packaging: 250 mL Aluminium can is filled as automatically. For 250 ml; 24 unit / box 160 box / palette. Packaging materials are conform with TFC Regulation on Materials and equipment in Contact. with Food. The packaging materials is used in production after the entry controls.
Labelling: According to TFC Regulations on Labelling on packing of product; “Product name, ingredients, net. amount, manufacturer / packer / importer / distributor name or commercial name and address, food operator name and address, production date and hours, expiry date, lot number identification information, registration number, origin country, storage conditions” exist. According to TFC Communiqué on Soft Drink and TFC Communiqué on Energy Drinks on packing. of product exists product name and the amount of fruit content.
Transport and Storage: Transport and storage is suitable for Regulation on Food Hygiene. Transport and storage should be attention that it is storage in a non-humid and dry ambient and that it isn’t damaged of the outer packaging and that it is to be protected from direct sunlight and rain. Vehicles of referral are feature that will not create with a risk of product.