JMI Cylinders Ltd. is the most sophisticated LPG cylinder manufacturing plant in Bangladesh.
This gives Bangladesh a unique position in the international energy industry.
JMI Manufactures world class LPG cylinder with DOT 4BA 24O & DOT 4BW 240 design code with European standard & technology.
JMI cylinders are the Best in quality longevity, safety & accuracy because these are automated manufacturing in a state of the art plant located in Chattogram using the highest level of technology like world class forming machine, automated welding line, heat treatment, hydrostatic,
leak testing unit, Zinc & powder coating.
JMI cylinder plant Equipped with European machinery from SANKUR, Turkey and stringent to world class production standards.

SANKUR is one of the manufacturing company that has been active in the LPG cylinder sector more than 40 years and operating its facilities in Turkey and Libya. Sankur production groups consist of LpG cylinder production, LPG cylinder revalidation, LPG cylinder spare parts production, auto tank production, machine production and mold production.
SANKUR continues these activities in its 3 factories composed of 45,000 m2 -closed area and over 20,000 tons of annual material processing capacity. ln this sector, it grows rapidly as being the only LPG cylinder manufacturer that can produce machine, mold and spared part needs within its own capacity. Sankur Products Reach Over 65 Countries.

Joburg Energy and JMI-Sankur Cylinders now Supply cylinders to the LPG Marketing Companies Home and Abroad.