Petroleum products
Joburg Energy Trading Pty Ltd LPG distribution companies provide the supply chain by securing the LPG process to customers from national or international refineries.
We provide fuel storage solutions that are both cost effective and increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.
We trade in products under the following categories
• LPG (Liquefied petroleum product)
• AVGAS 100 LL (Aviation Gasoline)
• ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel)
• MGO (Marine Gas Oil)

LPG – Liquefied petroleum gas

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is made of refined petroleum or natural gas.
Liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG is one of the most common alternative fuels used in the world today. In fact, in many places, it isn’t an alternative fuel at all.
LPG is primarily used as a thermal fuel and is consumed by industrial, commercial and household consumers. It burns cleanly, releasing very few sulphur emissions, and posing no ground or water pollution hazards. There are over a thousand applications of LPG particularly in commercial and industrial businesses.

  1. Industrial customers: for heating purposes where a readily controlled temperature is needed, i.e. motor vehicle paint shops or as fuel for forklift trucks within warehouses etc.
  2. Commercial: This includes, for example, a shopping centre with a number of restaurants which may have one bulk tank with LPG reticulated to individual restaurants/stores.
  3. Autogas: LPG can also be used to power motor vehicles. Vehicles that use Autogas are fitted with two fuel tanks, one for Autogas and another for petrol/diesel. The vehicle can therefore switch between Autogas and petrol/diesel at any time.
  4. Households: LPG is mainly used by households for heating and cooking. Recently, residential estates have also started installing LPG reticulation systems supplying gas into the different properties inside

Aviation Gasoline Avgas 100LL
Aviation gasoline AVGAS 100 LL is used to power piston-engine aircraft.
Joburg Energy Trading Pty Ltd and Aviatopfuel ( Ecotechnohhim LLC) have formed a strategic partnership to provide Turkey , South Africa and the international market Aviation Fuel.
Ecotechnokhim LLC has its own production factory, which has all the necessary equipment for fuel
output and meets the most rigid standards for the fuel production.
Most importantly: High quality LPG, Gasoil and Aviation gasoline that is now accessible anywhere in the world