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Pyrojelly is a salt-based fire extinguisher designed for paddle box and kitchen fires. Used in F/K class fires. Effective on firing oil.

JELLY is a fire extinguisher foam which is improved to use
on portable fire extinguishers.

Fire Armor
Fire Armor is a special chemical that forms the layer between the flammable and non-flammable zone which is used to prevent the spread of fire, before a fire.
There is no environmental damage. It is permanent because of gel-like
structure and prevents to spread of fire.

Concrete Chemicals ;
LCW 61 It is a lightweight concrete used in the production of protein-based foam concrete. It provides a stable concrete with its characteristic of compact foam.
LCW 24 It is a medium weight concrete used in the production of synthetic-based foam concrete. It provides a stable concrete with its characteristic of compact foam.

Drilling Foam– Drilling Foam is a special blend of synthetic
based foaming agents, stabilizers, preservatives and some
other auxiliary chemicals.