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Waste management

Waste Management Solutions provider, Joburg energy is committed to providing solutions that have a direct impact to mitigate joblessness and the problem of waste in townships and rural areas.
Joburg energy, through strategic partnerships with large corporations, will ensure those seeking to make a lasting impact in the lives of South African’s do so and do it well.
Our aim is to empower individuals and capacitate organisations through the convergence of strategic partnerships, skills development and sustainable practices.
Waste management generally refers to the collection, transportation and disposal of all streams of waste, domestic or household, industrial, mining, medical(hospital), hazardous as well as e-waste (old computers).
Different equipment is used to collect these waste streams like a compactor, for domestic, waste, skip truck for industrial waste and the insulated body closed trucks for medical waste.
We then do a total waste management solution that involves recycling which starts with the segregation of waste, process by which recyclables are separated from the rest of the waste, the advantage of re using the waste is that it preserves the lifespan of the landfill sites.