Synthetic (Inorganic) Foams

Synthetic (Inorganic) Foams
Synthetic based high expansion fire extinguishing foam concentrates.

Protein (Organic) Foams

Protein (Organic) Foams
It is especially liquid-based and is a stable foam type made of hydrolyzed protein.

Special Products

Special Products
KOLAGOM PYROJELLY is a salt-based fire extinguishing chemical designed for use in hood and kitchen fires.

What is Fire Fighting Foam and How It Forms?

Firefighting foam concentrate is mixed with water and the foam forms when this solution expands with air. Its purpose is to form a layer on the flammable material to extinguish the combustion, reducing the temperature and excluding the oxygen and heat from the fuel surface.

Conventional Foam Production

The water and foam concentrate generates the foam in an air-aspirating foam branch pipe.

CAFS Foam Production

Compressed Air Foam system (CAFS) is foamed with compressed air after water and foam concentrate are mixed, which provides the formation of a fine bubble foam. The mixture ratio is between 0.1% and 6%.

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Joburg Energy was established in 2019 in Johannesburg as a level 2 BEE provider. Our Company Qualified for level 2 B-BBEE certificate in South Africa.

We are committed to ensuring that all B-BBEE scorecard elements are actively managed throughout our business to achieve the highest level possible.

Joburg Energy has established a strategic partnership with Kolagom in the production of fire-fighting foam.

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