About us

Joburg Energy & Kolagom

Kolagom and Joburg Energy providing world standards solutions to its customers by using the latest foam and
production technologies has succeeded to be one of Turkey Largest firefighting foam companies.

Which exports to 29 countries regularly, increases its sales volume every year.
Joburg Energy has established a strategic partnership with Kolagom in the production of fire-fighting foam.
We produce all kinds of liquid fire extinguishing foam in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 national and
international quality management standards, occupational health and safety management system, and TS EN
1568 1-2-3-4, IMO, UL certificates. We provide sustainable after-sales services to our customers with our team.

Our Mission and Vision;
is to achieve success with our team by contributing to the country’s economy with our customer satisfactionoriented ideas without compromising our values. To be a leader company in the manufacture of firefighting foam
by using eco friendly chemicals.
Fire extinguishing using environmentally friendly chemicals to be the leading company in the production of foam,
To follow the technology closely by researching innovative products and new production techniques.

Eco Friendly Manufacturing:

Our manufacture is committed to building a sustainable planet and continues its efforts to produce
environmentally friendly chemicals.
For this reason, our factory carries out a corporate responsibility action plan together with the TEMA
Seeking new products and manufacturing techniques that allow us not only to be eco-friendly, but also to provide
quality product that meets the needs of our customers.